Spree #1 Perfumes!

5 07 2010

Please Note that for items with TESTER PACKS, there will not be Original boxes but Tester Boxes (Still Brand New)


Hi, If you dont see somethng that you want. Fret not!

drop me an email at desorption@gmail.com and tell me what perfume you’re looking for.

I can give you the prices (:

Thank you


Item #1:

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste 65ml (EDT)

40ml – SGD40

65ml – SGD50

Item #2:

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline 65ml (EDT)

40ml – SGD38

65ml – SGD52

Tester 65ml – SGD40

Item #3:

Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade 65ml (EDT)

65ml – SGD51

Tester 65ml – SGD40


Bvlgari Omina Lady 65ml (EDP)

65ml – SGD52

Tester 65ml – SGD38

Item #5:

Bvlgari Rose essentielle 100ml (EDP)

50ml – SGD60

100ml – SGD68

Tester 100ml (W/O Cap) – SGD50

Item #6:

Bvlgari Volie De Jasmine 100ml (EDT)

100ml – SGD64

Tester 100ml (W/O Cap) -SGD48

Item #7:

Bvlgari Pour Femme 100ml (Tester w/o cap) EDP

Tester 100ml – SGD47

Item #8:

Anna Sui Rock Me 75ml (edt)

75ml – SGD71

Tester 75ml – SGD57

Item #9:

Anna Sui Night of Fancy 75ml EDT

30ml – SGD48

50ml – SGD64

75ml – SGD82

Item #10:

Burberry Brit Lady 100ml EDT

30ml – SGD40

50ml – SGD51

100ml – SGD60

Tester 100ml (W/0 cap) – SGD 47

Item #11:

Burberry Brit Sheer  100ml EDT

50ml – SGD52

100ml – SGD72

Tester 100ml – SGD61


Burberry The Beat Lady 75ml EDP

30ml – SGD40

50ml – SGD56

75ml – SGD72

Tester 75ml – SGD60


Burberry Weekend Lady 100ml EDP

30ml – SGD29

50ml -SGD38

100ml- SGD50

Tester 100ml (W/O Cap) – SGD39


Gucci Envy Me 100ml EDT

30ml – SGD42

50ml – SGD59

100ml – SGD74

Tester 100ml (W/O CAP) – SGD 64

Item #15:

Gucci Flora 75ml edt

30ml – SGD52

50ml – SGD65

75ml –  SGD81

Tester 75ml – SGD74

Item# 16

Britney Spears Believe 100ml EDP

50ml – SGD31

100ml – SGD47

Tester 100ml (w/o cap) – SGD41


Elizabeth Arden 5th avenue 125ml EDP

30ml – SGD29

75ml – SGD37

125ml – SGD41

Item #18

Elizabeth Arden Provocative 100ml EDP

30ml – SGD30

50ml – SGD39

100ml – SGD44

Tester 100ml (W/O Cap) – SGD37


Issey Miyake Lady Summer 2010 100ml

100ml – SGD71

Item# 20

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 100ml EDP

30ml – SGD37

50ml – SGD45

100ml – SGD 53

Tester 100ml – SGD 44


Sarah Jessica Parker Covet 100ml EDP

30ml – SGD 39

50ml – SGD 45

100ml – SGD 56

Tester 100ml – 47


Versace Bright Crystal  90ml EDT

30ml – SGD 42

50ml – SGD 49

90ml – SGD 68

Tester 90ml – SGD 58

Item #23

Vera Wang Princess 100ml EDT

50ml – SGD61

100ml – SGD81


Hello Shoppers!

5 04 2010

Hello bloggers and shopper,

welcome to my blogshop.

In here, i will be organizing different sprees from mostly Taiwan.

Do feel free to take a look and enjoy your shopping experience with me.

No obligations 🙂

most importantly, please read the Terms & Condition stated in the T & C tab

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